Year: 2007

Ceeducer dealership

As of November 2007 CT Systems is appointed by Bruttour International as the official dealer for their Ceeducer, Ceestar and Ceetide hydrographic survey systems.

New Colleague!

To speed up the development of the next version of the Viking program, we have deprived the open source community of one of it’s excellent programmers called Sjoerd van der Berg. Having a great track record in the development of

Second survey vessel launched

After an extensive paint job, interiour modification and a new Honda outboard engine, our exclusive Norwegian survey vessel has successfully passed its tests. And is ready for new survey and research projects.    

Dakar Challenge

We are sponsering a local contester of the Amsterdam Dakar Challenge 2007, which will take place in October 2007. We will provide the team with a number of GPS navigation products. Take a look at their website for some more

Viking system used for Mighty Servant 3 salvage

 During the salvage operation of the Mighty Servant 3, our Viking Offshore Survey software, which is permanently installed on the Smit Orca, was  used for the positioning of both the Taklift 7 as the Smit Orca.

Second Nigerian dredger equipped

After having installed our complete product array on the LCMs (Lagos Channel Management) dredger the ‘Sea Lion’, we also equipped LCMs second vessel the ‘Gumel’. The installation consisted of our Viking Survey software, TDS, STPM, ‘2X’ production monitoring, Magellan 3011