Renewed Viking Dredge installed on first dredger!


The Dutch dredging vessel ‘Pelsert’ is the first vessel to receive the renewed Viking Dredge software.

The Pelsert already used our STPM (Suction Tube Positioning Monitoring) software along with an array of pressure and angle transmitters.

Viking Dredge and STPM are now connected to each other using a high speed ethernet data link, sharing DTM and dredging data in real-time.


Offshore Energy 09 Trade Fair

On October 8th 2009 we will be participating at the Offshore Energy 09 trade fair in Den Helder.

This new event is held on the old premisses of the Royal Dutch Navy in it’s historic buildings. The event is targeted at offshore related company’s, and will this year also target the dredging industry.

A free visit can be obtained using the registration link below. We hope to see you there!

Offshore Energy 09 Registration

Europort Maritime 2009


Visit us at the Europort Maritime 2009 exhibition from 3 to 6 November 2009, located in the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

We will be exhibiting our new and updated Viking product range, consisting of Viking Navigation, Viking Dredge, Viking Offline & Viking Process. Along with all our related hardware products and solutions.

For a free visit you can register using the link below:

Europort Registration

CT Systems featured on website


A full company profile of CT Systems has been placed on one of the most comprehensive offshore websites. On all offshore related companies are listed along with related offshore projects.

See our online profile: CT Systems

Viking Dredge Trials


After the release of the new Viking Navigation software, work immediately started on the new Dredging version. Together with the dredging company Schilder BV this new version is being tested on a local dredging project in the ‘Waardkanaal’.

Viking Dredge can be connected to sensors on the suction tube to calculate and measure the exact dredging depth. This data combined with an accurate DGPS receiver and GPS compass results in full 3D data of the dredger and the suction tube.

Together with two different Dynamic Terrain Model’s, the first based on survey data and the second based on a theoretical model, a top and side view is shown.

The data of the suction tube is combined in real-time with the DTM data to give the dredge master a full overview of the dredging process.

New Viking Navigation software products released!


After many long years of development and testing, we have finalized the first production ready version of the new Viking software products!

The new Viking Navigation products come in two versions: The first being a lightweight version featuring all necessary functions called Viking Target. Where the second is the fully featured Viking Navigation edition supporting many special features and advanced navigation options.

For more information please visit the Viking Target and the Viking Navigation pages.

Modules Support

New in the new Viking software is also support for special modules, the first module produced and tested is the anchoring module. This module is mainly used on offshore and dredging vessels who need to plan ahead complex anchoring plans.

For more information please visit the Anchoring Module’s page.