Month: May 2013

Commissioning of the GeoDredge system

On the 16th of May the commissioning of the GeoDredge system on the excavator of Zijsling en Zonen B.V. has been completed. We installed the new 3D survey matrix data and explained the working of the software and system to

19″ GNSS receiver

CT Systems has expanded its product range with a new rack mount 19″ GNSS receiver. It can be supplied with an integrated DGPS Hemisphere Crescent Vector, Javad RTK, Trimble BX982 or CNAV GNSS.┬áIt is also optional to have a Satel

Installation of GeoDredge

On the 2nd of May we installed a new Geodredge system with an integrated RTK Trimble BX982 receiver for Zijsling en Zonen B.V.

Installation of extra section

Friday we installed an extra section tube on the MNO Anna, they can now dredge up to a depth of 28 metres.