Installation of the Viking system

In succession of the installation of the Viking system on the Ocean Eagle last September we have installed a complete Viking Navigation and Viking Anchor Handling system on the Atlantic Eagle. The system consists of an industrial computer with industrial grade video splitters and extenders, along with a Hemisphere VS111 DGPS compass unit.

The Atlantic Eagle will join the Ocean Eagle on the Global Tech I Wind Farm project.
They will deploy protective offshore compressed air systems around the pile driving operations of the jack up vessel innovation.


Viking Dredge system

Installation of a complete Viking Dredge system on a cutter suction dredger owned and operated by J.P. Schilder BV.

The system consists of a Hemisphere all-in-one DGPS compass, stainless steel inclinometer, pressure sensor and an industrial fanless PC.
Using the installed stainless steel pressure sensor in combination with the actual water level information they can now dredge with a vertical accuracy of mere centimetres.
Viking Dredge visualises both the work matrix and theoretical DTM in real time, while at the same time, based on the information from the DGPS compass, pressure sensor and inclinometer the work matrix is also continually updated in 3D.

dredge vi

Viking Dredge installation

A Viking Dredge installation is added to the existing installation on board of the suction hopper dredger ms Friesland owned and operated by Mineralis.

Using Viking Dredge and the existing sensors and wiring already installed by Snijder Scheepselektro BV, the vessel can now dredge in more critical areas where a higher positioning accuracy and a more detailed visualisation are required.


Last moment installation

Last moment Viking Software installation on a hopper dredger.

What initially started as troubleshooting of a sensor, resulted in an installation of our Viking Dredge Pro software on board of De Vries & van de Wiel’s trailing suction hopper dredger Zeeland.
With some tweaks to the sensor interfacing our software was up and running in a few hours.


Demonstration of Viking Dredge

Live Viking Dredge demonstration for a large audience at Dutch dredging conference “Vecht voor de Toekomst” hosted by Baggernet.
Using remote access a live stream is visualised from an operating excavator which has our GeoDredge system installed.


Viking Tug Management installation

A full Viking Tug Management installation is supplied to Acta Marine.

The systems consists of a mixture of Viking Navigation, Viking Dredge, Anchoring Module and our Network Module.

Using a wireless long range Satel link the system enables the anchoring vessel to share a real time anchor plan with the anchor handling tug.

Additionally a jack up pontoon was also fitted with a Viking System for more precise positioning.
Using the same telemetry link all vessels share their exact position in real time and in high detail.acta