Busy Last Weeks of the Year!

GeoDredgeInstallationsBusy times! The last days of the year are filled with new installations and preparations for a very busy new year. Systems are being installed and prepared for a whole range of clients, cutter suctions dredgers, excavators, suction dredgers and offshore windfarm vessels are all included!

Successful Exhibitions and Excellent Feedback

At the end of October 2014 CT Systems participated simultaneously to two very important exhibitions for the Offshore and Hydrographic markets: Offshore Energy 2014 in Amsterdam and Hydro14 in Aberdeen. 

The Offshore Energy 2014 exhibition in the RAI exhibition center has grown from a local exhibition a few Offshore Energy 2014years ago, to one of the largest Marine Offshore exhibitions with close to 15.000 visitors this year. CT Systems, present for the 4th year at the Offshore Energy exhibition, showed their full range of products such as the GeoDredge, the compact all-in-one Dredge automation computer system, accompanied on display by a miniature model of a dredge crane.
Also the GeoSonic, an all-in-one portable hydrographic survey system and Viking navigation software attracted a lot of attention by a variety of international visitors.

Many demonstrations were given of the modules that are included in our Viking Offshore software for specific Offshore operations such as Tug Management System (TMS) and Anchor Handling.

Hydro14Hydro14 in Aberdeen, also this year turned out to be an excellent exhibition, with quality visitors from all over the world.
CT Systems showed live presentations of their range of products and during the exhibition and networking events, we have been able to discuss a number of very interesting projects.

With these last exhibitions for 2014, we can conclude that business is moving on very well and the young and creative team of CT Systems will continue with great enthusiasm and dedication to their customer support and product innovations.

Thank you for visiting us!

38 Years On And Little Has Changed


It has been a while since Mr. Kees van der Vaart registered CT Systems at the chamber of commerce. August 1976 it was to be exact, 38 years ago this month. In the meantime a had lot has happened and a lot has changed, but in a way nothing really has. Effectively the only changes is the progression in technology, that being more computer power and storage, advances in telecommunications and the advent of multiple GNSS systems. But in the meantime we are still building the hardware and software we want to see available in the world, travelling all over the place to help out our customers, and to simply enjoy the work we do.

Just for the fun of it we put our revolutionary ODIN colour video plotter next to our GeoDredge dredging computer. They mark a 30 year difference and light years in technological advances, yet, all-in-all they still do the same job. They provide a revolutionary solution for positioning and navigation making them unique and pioneering for the period in time that they exist.

With many advances on the way we have no other objective to keep on going on for the decades to come, endlessly pushing the envelope with new products and ideas.

Always feel free to drop by for a chat, a coffee or a fried egg! See you soon!

Julian van der Vaart

Real Time Dredging Sonar Trials


The first field test of our new real time dredging sonar system called Multi Dredge is commissioned on the Dutch river Vecht. The new Multi Dredge system consists of multiple survey-grade transducers strategically placed on a dredging vessel. Each transducer is individually controlled and timed by our Viking software and the georeferenced bathymetric data of each transducer is used to upgrade the dredging matrix in real time.

With the use of our Multi Dredge system the dredging vessel simultaneously functions as a survey vessel, saving a considerable amount of time and money in the process.

Spray pontoon with Viking Multi Dredge
Spray pontoon with Viking Multi Dredge

Viking Tug Management System Mobilisation

Viking Tug Management Installation

Mobilisation of our Viking Tug Management System on the dive support vessel VOS Shine and the tugboat Dutch Pioneer. The Viking Tug Management System enables real time sharing of the anchor plan using a long range telemetry link. The master vessel and the tug will see both vessels on their screen, along with full anchor planning and actual anchor placement.

For more information about the Tug Management System see: Viking Software – TMS module

GeoDredge installation on a PLM Grab dredger

GeoDredge installation on a PLM Grab dredger of Osinga Baggerwerken B.V. on board of the vessel Zeus.


Osinga Baggerwerken B.V. already had a single position DGPS at the top of the crane,
it is now upgraded to a RTK heading system with an encoder on the hoist and close wire of the grab dredger.

With those encoders it can now tell the height of the bucket as well as the bucket is opened or closed.


The system is using a Trimble RTK GNSS with heading and a mobile VRS correction signal of 06-GPS.

The software on the crane: Viking Dredge with Gridding and Networking Module
The software on the vessel: Viking Navigation with Networking Module and Navionics