History of CT Systems

CT Systems saw its birth in 1976 when it was founded in Hippolytushoef, located in the Netherlands, by Kees van der Vaart.

The first customers were several oil and gas exploitation companies. Software and hardware was designed, consultancy was offered for clients and government agencies not just in the Netherlands, but also far beyond the outer frontiers of Europe.

In the early eighties through accidental circumstances a microprocessor based computer had been designed, which was used initially as an interface and data processor in the offshore industry and was still for a decennia in use as such. By adding a colour screen and an in-house designed extra bit of electronics, a video plotter was born. As far as we are aware it was the first commercially available colour video plotter on the planet. This resulted in worldwide sales through agents in and outside of Europe. To the initial fishing industry market, the dredging and survey industry markets were added.

Later in the eighties the in-house designed computers were replaced by the new PC market and additional software was designed to also cover fields like:

  • Underwater technology
  • Instrumentation control
  • Geodetic software
  • Vessel management systems

The nineties saw an increase of personnel and the addition of survey activities, topographic and bathymetric, specially written software for the dredging industry and more and more instrumentation control software.

At the dawn of the new millennium, a major part of the activities consisted of contracts in Northern and middle Africa where, up to this day, CT Systems became active in land and water survey operations.

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