New GeoDredge system succesfully installed on wirecrane

The GeoDredge offers this customer an “all-in-one” solution for the accurate positioning and data processing of the data required for the dredging work as well as construction work such as the installation of piles and sheet piling.
High accuracy and simple real-time display of all data allows the operator to perform his work faster and easier, ultimately saving time.

GeoDredge installation on a PLM Grab dredger

GeoDredge installation on a PLM Grab dredger of Osinga Baggerwerken B.V. on board of the vessel Zeus.


Osinga Baggerwerken B.V. already had a single position DGPS at the top of the crane,
it is now upgraded to a RTK heading system with an encoder on the hoist and close wire of the grab dredger.

With those encoders it can now tell the height of the bucket as well as the bucket is opened or closed.


The system is using a Trimble RTK GNSS with heading and a mobile VRS correction signal of 06-GPS.

The software on the crane: Viking Dredge with Gridding and Networking Module
The software on the vessel: Viking Navigation with Networking Module and Navionics

A Magnetic survey in Bissendorf Germany

CT Systems did a Magnetic survey in Bissendorf Germany

The area was a forest-field of 100 by 100 meters, we found some reinforced concrete and some other objects.


A plot of the area after post processing.



Magnetic sensor in combination with a Hemisphere DGPS.

Installation of a new GeoDredge system

We successfully installed a new GeoDredge System, on board of a crane vessel of Kraanschipbedrijf F.Boon

Inside the GeoDredge we used a Trimble RTK GNSS receiver with heading.
The RTK correction signal is a mobile correction of 06GPS.

The system will be used for dredging and rock dumping.

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