Survey And Cable Detecting Operations With Viking Software

Short showcase video of the Viking software being applied in combination with a cable detection system from Optimal Ranging. The system is connected to an RTK GNSS receiver and a single beam echo sounder for 3D mapping of both the seabed and the depth of burial of the cables in realtime.

Custom GeoDredge for Bell Dredging for New Dredger

A batch of GeoDredge units with custom styling was delivered to Bell Dredging, directly to be installed on the newly built BCD250 cutter suction dredger destined for the Czech Republic.

The GeoDredge installation is powered by our Viking software and offers internal RTK GNSS positioning. By combining the RTK GNSS data with our stainless steel inclinometer the Viking software can determine the exact 3D position of the dredge head with centimetre accuracy.

Running on Solar Power!

In March of 2019 we installed a solar array on our roof, generating up to 11.000 KWh of electricity. Even in cloudy conditions we have more than enough electricity during the day time. It must be said it is amazing to see these “simple” static panels generating so much energy from what seems like thin air.