Viking Version 2.1.1 – 27 October 2022

  • DTM Shading
    A shadow effect is used for rendering the 3D terrain models greatly increasing visibility
  • Improved Speed And Efficiency With Direct 3D Rendering
    2D views make use of the computers GPU improving speed overall
  • Upgraded Process Controls
    Additional cyclic checks where analog and digital outputs are used for machine control
  • MODBUS Output
    Modbus I/O upgraded from inputs only to also being able to write to Modbus registers
  • Dredging Frame Upgrades
    Dredging Frames used for for example plough dredgers and A-Frame dredgers now have upgraded logging and setting options
  • Status Values Upgrades
    Many new status fields added, available for logging and real time display
  • DXF Export Upgraded
    In addition to the chart data on screen, all points and markers are also incorporated in CAD exports
  • Bug Fixes
    Wire Crane calibration, Network DTM sharing upgrade fix, Dredger single beam interpolation fix, 2D Object Module Heading fixes

Custom GeoDredge for Bell Dredging for New Dredger

A batch of GeoDredge units with custom styling was delivered to Bell Dredging, directly to be installed on the newly built BCD250 cutter suction dredger destined for the Czech Republic.

The GeoDredge installation is powered by our Viking software and offers internal RTK GNSS positioning. By combining the RTK GNSS data with our stainless steel inclinometer the Viking software can determine the exact 3D position of the dredge head with centimetre accuracy.