IHS Dredging and Port Construction Magazine, Volume 49, Issue 553, March 2015


Vecht project benefits from GeoDredge


The Netherlands’ River Vecht dredging project has some of the most demanding conditions, calling for advanced software from CT Systems.


“We installed five all-in-one GeoDredge systems,” CT Systems spokesman Julian van der Vaart told IHS Maritime. “Four excavators were initially equipped, while the fifth system was first installed on a cutter suction dredger, then on a land reclamation pontoon, and finally on a fifth excavator.” Powered by the company’s Viking software, GeoDredge offers RTK GPS/ GLONASS receivers, highly accurate motion and inclination sensors, and industrial high speed cellular modems, Van der Vaart explained.

“To remove the River Vecht silt layer and reveal the ancient riverbed, a detailed survey was carried out,” he continued. “Based on this data, a digital terrain model was made to which the dredgers had to comply, removing the silt layer with a tolerance of only 7.5cm. To ensure this accuracy, the dredgers were verified weekly by placing the dredging tool on a known riverbank fixed point”

“All systems had to not only continually log all dredging data, but be available for real-time remote monitoring, which is where the GeoDredge high-speed cellular modem came in. The client could securely log on to the systems at any time.”

“GeoDredge met all demands and all weekly checkups,” Van der Vaart concluded. “And I’m sure the demanding requirements set for this project will become more commonplace in the future.”


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