In addition to the surveying of the Algerian reservoirs our governmental contract has been expanded to include the surveying of a number of international Algerian ports.

As with the reservoir surveys we used Magellan LRK equipment in combination with the Bruttour Ceeducer Pro.

krant-nieuwpand3The opening party of december 1st 2006 was a great success! Many old, and new, customers where present on this special day.
We would like to thank everyone for their gifts and their presence!

The local press wrote a small article:
Wieringer Courant, December 16, 2006

CT Systems is the proud owner of a new and fully equipped survey vessel, and a matching AWD car.

The zodiac is equipped with a stainless steel mounting bracket for transducers and related hydrographic instruments. Along with a stainless steel frame for antennas and navigational instruments.


September 1th, 2006 marks the 30th anniversary of CT Systems!

In the past 30 years we have developed into a multinational company specialized in hardware and software for the offshore, dredging and survey sector.

Due to business expansion we have moved to a new address in Hippolytushoef.

Our new address:

CT Systems
De Wieken 6
1777 HT Hippolytushoef

Tel. 0227-591295
Fax 0227-593439


De Wieken 6

On our site there is a new chapter called ‘downloads’. Here you can find all of our PDF sheets with information about us and our products.