CT Systems and Tricolor


Collision with Kariba

On Saturday, 14 December 2002, at 02:15, the car carrier Tricolor and the container vessel Kariba collided.
 The Tricolor was travelling from Zeebrugge to Southampton. The Kariba originated from Antwerp and was en route to Le Havre. The collision occurred when both vessels were about to enter into the north-south shipping route through the English Channel.

The Kariba struck the Tricolor on the port side. The car carrier quickly took on water, capsized and sunk within 30 minutes. The crew from the Kariba rescued three of the Tricolor’s crew members. The remaining 21 crew members found refuge on board the Belgian URS tug Boxer.

Two days later, on 16 December, the unloaded German cargo vessel Nicola struck the wreck of the Tricolor. Tugs pulled the cargo ship from the wreck on the same day.
 On Wednesday, 1th of January 2003, the Tricolor was struck again. This time, the Turkish tanker Vicky, which was carrying 77,000 tons of gas oil, hit the wreck.
Salvage operation

In May 2004 the salvage of the cut up wreck started, using the Taklift 4 and the Smit Barge 2 of Smit Salvage from Rotterdam.CT Systems, together with Thales Navigation (Now named Magellan Navigation), installed the Viking Survey software to handle the navigational, planning and positioning aspects of the operation.

The positioning consisted of the 3011 GPS compass and an Aquarius LRK DGPS, using a Belgian LRK reference station providing an accuracy of mere centimetres. This in combination with installed sensors and the Viking software enabled the operator to locate the exact position of the grab. Beforehand, using a multi beam, all the debris had been located and all the relevant X,Y,Z information had been converted to a Viking chart.

At a later stage a second crane joined the salvage operations. This crane, positioned on the Smit Barge 2, removed the smaller debris parts of the sea floor. An identical GPS and Viking installation to the Taklift 4 was installed, enabling the crane operator to locate and salvage the smaller debris and wreckage.