Viking Offshore


The Viking Offshore software package is a specialized version of our regular Navigation package for Offshore usage, with improved redundancy and backup features.

It is capable of instant switching to a secondary systems in case of failure or loss of quality.
Viking Offshore also includes all the specialized Viking modules for Offshore operations.

Features Overview:


Navigation view of the North Sea at Den Helder

  • Automatic switching to a backup GNSS Receiver
  • Real-time backup to a secondary Viking system
  • Anchoring/Tug Management Module
  • Distance Warning/Windmill Module
  • Show acoustic underwater positions
  • Advanced graphical Ship Designer
  • Built in vector chart editor
  • DXF/CSV/XYZ/TIN Import support
  • Navionics chart database interface
  • Night-, dusk-, and sun display modes
  • Print to any printer on A4 to A0 paper size
  • Worldwide chart datum support

Viking Offshore showing North Sea oil platforms with Distance Control Module

Ease of use

Viking can connect to virtually any GNSS receiver and compass device, providing a solid base for every navigation requirement.
By providing a clean and simple user interface Viking can be accustomed to in just a few minutes.

The tools most often used can be found directly on the screen, and by using the menu bar all further functions are easily accessed.
Viking provides extra sidebars for more directly visible and ready to use tools. These sidebars can be turned on and off, any time when needed, by a simple key press.

Anchoring/Tug Management Module:


Anchoring Module in use on the North Sea

This module provides Viking with a multi point anchoring and tug management Solution that’s easy to operate from a central vessel Anchor plans can be designed beforehand and printed out for approval and after the anchors have been dropped to keep a record. Through wireless communication the anchor plans can be shared with multiple tugs and the system will record where they drop the anchors.

Distance Warning/Windmill Module

This modules provides Viking with an on-screen display of distances from the vessel to points around it. Warnings can be displayed when the vessel goes too far away or too near to these points. Points around the ship can also be updated real-time through an external source like a sonar device to provide distances to moving objects.

Backup Support

This specialized Offshore feature provides Viking with the capability to synchronize everything with a secondary Viking backup system. This will mean you can instantly switch to the backup system in case there’s a failure in the primary system. You’ll always have a backup of your Viking files just by keeping both systems running.


Customisation and Future development
Our Viking software is well known for its constant development process. Combined with the growing request from the industries and ever growing possibilities, our development team is always working on new features and software products.
Since we have all our software development in-house we have the ability to, wherever needed, build custom features and functionality into our software products, at moderate costs.