Real Time Dredging Sonar Trials


The first field test of our new real time dredging sonar system called Multi Dredge is commissioned on the Dutch river Vecht. The new Multi Dredge system consists of multiple survey-grade transducers strategically placed on a dredging vessel. Each transducer is individually controlled and timed by our Viking software and the georeferenced bathymetric data of each transducer is used to upgrade the dredging matrix in real time.

With the use of our Multi Dredge system the dredging vessel simultaneously functions as a survey vessel, saving a considerable amount of time and money in the process.

Spray pontoon with Viking Multi Dredge
Spray pontoon with Viking Multi Dredge

Viking has a new feature:

It is now possible to create and show more advanced dredge heads.
Using these more detailed dredge heads allows more accuracy and better visualization of the dredging process.
This makes it possible to work even more accurate than before.

For instance with an auger, showed on the screenshot below.

This update was needed for a dredger of J.P. Schilder B.V. for the project at Klein Vogelenzang.


More detailed information about the dredge head/cutterhead
More detailed information about the dredge head/cutter head