Custom GeoDredge for Bell Dredging for New Dredger

A batch of GeoDredge units with custom styling was delivered to Bell Dredging, directly to be installed on the newly built BCD250 cutter suction dredger destined for the Czech Republic.

The GeoDredge installation is powered by our Viking software and offers internal RTK GNSS positioning. By combining the RTK GNSS data with our stainless steel inclinometer the Viking software can determine the exact 3D position of the dredge head with centimetre accuracy.

New GeoDredge system succesfully installed on wirecrane

The GeoDredge offers this customer an “all-in-one” solution for the accurate positioning and data processing of the data required for the dredging work as well as construction work such as the installation of piles and sheet piling.
High accuracy and simple real-time display of all data allows the operator to perform his work faster and easier, ultimately saving time.