38 Years On And Little Has Changed

It has been a while since Mr. Kees van der Vaart registered CT Systems at the chamber of commerce. August 1976 it was to be exact, 38 years ago this month. In the meantime a had lot has happened and a lot has changed, but in a way nothing really has. Effectively the only changes is the progression in technology, that being more computer power and storage, advances in telecommunications and the advent of multiple GNSS systems. But in the meantime we are still building the hardware and software we want to see available in the world, travelling all over the place to help out our customers, and to simply enjoy the work we do.

Just for the fun of it we put our revolutionary ODIN colour video plotter next to our GeoDredge dredging computer. They mark a 30 year difference and light years in technological advances, yet, all-in-all they still do the same job. They provide a revolutionary solution for positioning and navigation making them unique and pioneering for the period in time that they exist.

With many advances on the way we have no other objective to keep on going on for the decades to come, endlessly pushing the envelope with new products and ideas.

Always feel free to drop by for a chat, a coffee or a fried egg! See you soon!

Julian van der Vaart

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