Viking Version 2.1.15 – 8 November 2023

  • Embedded Sentinel Options – Cloud
    First steps of integrating our new cloud platform Sentinel directly into Viking. Enabling a Viking system to send live position and any status value needed to our online cloud platform.
  • Excavator Viewing Options Upgraded
    New and much faster rendering of excavator views, also new options for specifically selecting where the profile is drawn from.
  • Dredging Pipe Improved Graphics
    Dredging vessels, dredging parts and dredging machines are now drawn in a better and faster way on the screen, in both top view as side view. Also added more options for updating the matrix DTM while dredging with a suction tube.
  • Windows Shutdown Option
    Where Viking is used for machine control there is now an option for shutting down the PC or GeoDredge itself after exiting Viking.
  • Enhanced File Import Handling
    When importing data, an intelligent viewing option is available where current views are kept, or where the view jumps to the new data that is loaded.
  • Dredging Excavator Options Greatly Enhanced
    An excavator can now have up to six moving sections. Also added support for two hanging sections above the bucket, both fitted with a pitch and roll sensor.
  • OEM Versions Support
    Viking is now also supplied and available for 3rd party vendors with a custom OEM version with a specific function set.
  • Minor Fixes
    Extra checks when saving files. Lots of 3D rendering improvements. Singlebeam tweaking options. Support for Vegapulse level sensors. Upgrades to Obstacle Module.

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