Viking Version 2.1.5 – 9 February 2023

  • Multibeam Auto Ranging
    Automatic ranging according to live depth when working with multibeam sonar.
  • Improved Dredging View Interaction
    2D views can now be directly panned and zoomed using the mouse cursor or touch.
  • Upgraded 3D Rendering And Interaction
    Live 3D views now have direct mouse cursors and/or touch screen interaction. Many further improvements to 3D views and the 3D object editor.
  • Upgraded Coordinate Systems And Manager
    Post grid shift updates for Belgian coordinate system. Custom grid shifts selectable. Upgraded grid importer functions.
  • Point Module Interface Refinements
    New options to select full view or tabbed view, and options for vertical or horizontal views. Upgraded logging functions including more detailed coordinate system information.
  • New Run Line Generator
    Create custom runlines with the internal editor and manager.
  • Object Module Targets
    Custom complex objects now create their own targets which can be used for further logging, displaying or processing of live positioning data.
  • Bug Fixes
    Navionics rendering upgrades, improved speed of rotated views and text renderings.

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