Viking Version 2.1.7 – 2 May 2023

  • Reporting & Printing Updates
    The printing function can now directly print charts, nav screens, and 3D positioning to high resolution PNG and PDF files. DXF live data export and printing also has upgraded features.
  • OpenStreetMap Rotation & Upgrades
    All nav screens can also show rotated views with Openstreetmap data, as was already with all other chart layers. Faster server fetching of online data with added redundancy.
  • Viking Networking Upgrades
    All objects, machines, and vessels operating in an online Viking Network will now also have their offsets available as live targets, enabling enhanced data sharing and logging features.
  • Point Modules Upgrades
    More automatic data values added to the Point Module logging feature.
  • Custom ASCII Character Communications
    Logging and live data communications can now also add custom ASCII data to any data string by using an escape character followed by an ASCII code.
  • Minor Fixes
    Upgraded DTM rendering. Multithreaded updates for all targets and status information. Latest compiler technologies incorporated.

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