Recent Projects

New GeoDredge system for ZZ Emelda

Last week, we successfully installed a GeoDredge system on a jet suction dredger operated by Zandbedrijf Velbo. The GeoDredge system enables precise positioning, which allows operators to accurately track their location and the depth they have reached. It also monitors where suction is permissible, including specific depth allowances. Moreover, the system is capable of logging …

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Two new GeoDredge installations in the Philippines for SMC

Last week, our team achieved a success by successfully installing our state-of-the-art GeoDredge system on an Ellicot dredger and an IHC Beaver in the Philippines. This marks a significant leap in our mission to enhance the efficiency and environmental sustainability of dredging operations worldwide.

Viking Offshore Mobilisation for Bluestream DSV and ROV Operations

An extensive installation of Viking Offshore systems on the Go Electra. With a Master system on the bridge interfacing the GeoGNSS and the Kongsberg HiPAP USBL underwater positioning, the vessel and all subsea operations are visualised and positioned. Throughout operating stations on the vessel, and in the containers on deck, stand alone Viking Slave systems …

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Rebuild from Grab Dredge to Excavator

For Van den Borne Grondverzet- en Transportbedrijf we rebuilt their GeoDredge system from a Grab Dredge to an excavator. The full GeoDredge system could be re-used with the addition of extra sensors for the stick and bucket.