Viking Version 2.1.1 – 27 October 2022

  • DTM Shading
    A shadow effect is used for rendering the 3D terrain models greatly increasing visibility
  • Improved Speed And Efficiency With Direct 3D Rendering
    2D views make use of the computers GPU improving speed overall
  • Upgraded Process Controls
    Additional cyclic checks where analog and digital outputs are used for machine control
  • MODBUS Output
    Modbus I/O upgraded from inputs only to also being able to write to Modbus registers
  • Dredging Frame Upgrades
    Dredging Frames used for for example plough dredgers and A-Frame dredgers now have upgraded logging and setting options
  • Status Values Upgrades
    Many new status fields added, available for logging and real time display
  • DXF Export Upgraded
    In addition to the chart data on screen, all points and markers are also incorporated in CAD exports
  • Bug Fixes
    Wire Crane calibration, Network DTM sharing upgrade fix, Dredger single beam interpolation fix, 2D Object Module Heading fixes

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