Viking TSHD System & GeoDredge for Dover Port Authorities

For the Dover Port Authorities we installed an extensive Viking & GeoDredge setup. The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger M/V David Church has a Viking system for registration and visualisation of the vessel and the dredging pipe. While the grab dredge on deck has a stand alone GeoDredge system also running our Viking software.

The installation is part of a retrofit of an older system already on board. We were able to use the existing RTK GPS of the vessel, along with the existing sensors on the suction tube.

Both the Viking system on the bridge and the Viking GeoDredge system in the crane are fully stand alone. They do however communicate over industrial WiF to share live positioning and 3D DTM data. This enables the operators of both the crane as the vessel to updated each others DTM and see where has been dredged by which machine.